Are you and official?

No, I am just a well wisher trying to keep people informed at this Pandemic time. I created this website because it affects all of us.

What are your sources? How is the data gathered for this project?

We are using state bulletins and official handles and sources to update our numbers. We would love it if you can use this data in the fight against this virus.

Why does covid19india.news have more positive count than MoH?

MoHFW updates the data at a scheduled time. However, we update them based on state press bulletins, official (CM, Health M) social handles, PIB, Press Trust of India, covid19india.org and ANI reports. These are generally more recent.

Who are you?

A husand, son and a Full Stack Developer who has loves life and the people.

I created this website because I want people to have as much information as possible to beat this Pandemic. I have a regular job like anybody else, but I like to help people.

These aren't just numbers to me. Each and every number is a life and it means a lot. At this point there are almost 5000 sick people, tomorrow it could even be me. Data definitely helps so people can use it make informed decisions.

COVID19 India

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